I met with Bill today and he did an excellent job! He helped me speed up my PC and helped me fix a few issues I had with Outlook. He is very knowledgeable and would be a great person to contact if you have any computer/IT issues you need help with.

Vince T.

To say that Bill is an expert in computers would be an understatement. His knowledge knows no bounds and neither does his patience. As a business owner, coming from the “stone age” of print media and Desk Top Publishing, I needed guidance in why what worked “then” doesn’t necessarily work now. It is not just a science, it is an art to make our web sites show well on all of the different screen sizes we have today to view our media. Bill took his precious time to educate me on this and other web projects. Now our future collaborations will be stream lined and more cost effective

Diana G.

Bill Thompson is the man to call for any issue regarding technical problems. Never had a problem he couldn’t figure out or make right. Smartest person yet down to earth and never to busy to help. He is more then fair with prices and always friendly honest and professional. Would give him five stars every time and highly recommend him to anyone.

Brandy K.